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Mashaer Perfumes is known for its iconic fragrances which are some of the most loved and highly sought after in the industry.
Mashaer Perfumes creations are shaped by his unique vision of modern glamour, and are crafted with the highest levels of quality and luxury.


Mashaer Perfumes Company was established in Kuwait. Where the idea originated with a group of creative people who were eager to achieve the best achievements in the world of perfumes, so the luxurious brand “Mashaer Perfumes” was born.


Our brand is distinguished by the purity and quality of the components of its natural basic elements, as our experts select these components with great accuracy and infinite care by adhering to the highest quality standards.


The company started its business in Kuwait and then launched and expanded its branches that covered the markets of the country and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

This expansion took place with the help and success of God and according to a well-thought-out plan that suits the needs of the local market and aspires to enter foreign markets to spread a Kuwaiti brand with pride to all parts of the world.